Once accepted into the scheme, performers will be sent a login to the booking system to see and book an available busking slot. Please note that performers are not guaranteed to be allocated a slot in any given booking period. Slots are programmed to provide a schedule that is as varied as possible to ensure that station staff and retailers on the station all day, every day, are not listening to the same performer/genre of music for each slot.

Busk in Stations encourages performers to use a cashless payment system. Busk in London worked with iZettle to develop a repeat payment function, meaning performers can pre-set contactless tipping amounts and keep the payment units awake.    

More details here: https://www.foundinmusic.com/busk-in-london

Busk in Stations is a collaborative partnership between Network Rail, Found in Music, and Leeds Beckett University, Leeds School of Arts.

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Station: Leeds City